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我們愿同…… we have every intention to.../would like to.../stand ready to...


來而不往非禮也 It’s impolite not to make a return for what one receives.


我們會奉陪到底 We will fight to the end.


不要撿了芝麻丟了西瓜 do not be penny wise and pound foolish


無視 act in disregard of...


夜郎自大 be a little bit too arrogant 


任性妄為 recklessness and willfulness


消費者剩余 consumer surplus


執意推動 persistence in advancing...


一貫的無知和傲慢 habitual ignorance and arrogance


充分反映 give a full expression to...of...


相由心生 one’s mentality will determine how he perceives the world


患難與共 share weal and woe


……期間/……解決之前 pending...


……進行坦誠交流 have candid exchange on...issue


從一個側面印證了 shed light on the....


表達了擔憂 concerns have been voiced on...


令世界感到擔心 be worrisome to the world 


特別強調 stress in particular that...


……存在缺陷 fall short in...


……施壓 impose pressure on...


橫加指責 point fingers at...


以鄰為壑 profit oneself at the expense of the neighbor


……之后/緊隨…… in the wake of...


一前一后地/協力地 in tandem with...


嚴正立場 stern position


東亞暨太平洋事務局 Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs


全美零售商協會 the National Retail Federation


美國信息技術產業理事會 the Information Technology Industry Council


各方都很關注美國與中國貿易摩擦問題 everyone is following the issue of the US trade frictions with China


總攬全局、銳意進取、開拓創新 bear the larger picture in mind, forge ahead with determination and blaze new trails


全方位統籌協調 comprehensive planning and coordination


處于歷史最好水平 at its historical best


世界知識產權組織 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


削減貿易順差 reduce trade surplus


WTO規則為主題的多邊貿易規則 multilateral trade regime centered around the WTO rules


歷史已經證明,貿易戰不符合任何一方利益。 History teaches us that trade was is in the interest of no one. 


以建設性的方式妥善處理……問題 the...problem/issue would be properly and constructively addressed/resolved


韓國統一部 ROK Ministry of Unification


反壟斷監管部門 anti-trust regulator


商業個案 individual commercial case


中智戰略伙伴關系 China-Chile comprehensive strategic partnership


美國繼任國務卿蓬佩奧 succeeding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


人事更迭 personnel change


重大人員傷亡和財產損失 heavy casualties and property loss


慰問電 message of condolences


總督 governor-general


中國紅十字會 China Red Cross Society


加入/擔任……任務 pitch into...


中鐵國際工程隊 China Railway Construction Engineering Group


共克艱難/共渡難關 tide over crisis together with...


春江水暖鴨先知。When the river becomes warm in spring, the duck would be the first to know.



債務問題嚴重/負債累累 debt-ridden


主要債權方 main creditor


經濟起飛階段 stage of economic takeoff


工業化起步階段 initial stage of industrialization


自身造血功能 self-driven development


公私合營 Public-Private Partnership (PPP)


恐怖主義融資 terrorism financing


全天候戰略合作伙伴 all-weather strategic cooperative partner(中國-巴基斯坦)


擱置 put a hold on...


規避制裁 circumvent sanctions


德國社民黨 Germany’s Social Democratic Party


聯盟黨 Christian Democratic Union of Germany


民粹主義 populism


中右聯盟 center-right alliance


愿共同努力 be willing to join hands with...


如出一轍,純屬捏造,荒唐可笑 be no different from previous ones-nothing short of sheer fabrication and ridiculous


中印尼政府間雙邊合作聯合委員會 Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation between the Governments of Indonesia and China


中國-東盟戰略伙伴關系 China-ASEAN strategic partnership


非洲聯盟委員會 African Union Commission


中國-非盟戰略對話 China-African Union Strategic Dialogue


不透明的石油換貸款協議 murky oil-for-loans agreements


根據不完全統計 according to incomplete statistics


總裝機容量 total installed capacity


發電能力 generating capacity


衛星電視服務 satellite television services


中方一貫堅持不干涉內政原則 China always adheres to the principle of non-interference in other’s internal affairs.


《核態勢審議報告》 Nuclear Posture Review Report


《國家安全戰略報告》 National Security Report


《國防戰略報告》 National Defense Strategy


加劇全球戰略失衡 exacerbate the global strategic imbalance


低當量核武器 low-field nuclear weapons


自衛防御的核戰略 self-defensive nuclear strategy


以對抗視角看待大國關系 view relations between major countries in a confrontational perspective


賦予兩國關系新的時代內涵 keep bilateral relations abreast of the times


反傾銷反補貼調查 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation


聯合國人權理事會 United Nations Commission on Human Rights 


發布安全提醒 issue security alert


美國總統主要經濟助手 US President’s major economic aides


洲際深水無人潛航器 intercontinental underwater drones


可攜帶核彈頭的新型導彈 new nuclear-capable missiles


高超音速導彈 hyper-sonic missile


軍演 military exercise/drill


對未來發展提出一系列新的目標和規劃 lay out an array of new goals and plans for the future


核態勢審議 Nuclear Posture Review


雙反措施(反傾銷、反補貼)anti-dumping and countervailing measures


外交部拉美司 Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


中國-吉爾吉斯斯坦-烏茲別克斯坦公路 China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan highway


國際道路貨運 International Road Transport of Goods


提供公平環境 provide a level-playing field


充分發掘經濟增長潛力 fully tap into the growth potential of all economies


志同道合 share the same principle and vision



基礎設施建設是經濟發展的重要推動力 infrastructure is an important driving force for economic development


中方一貫反對任何形式的種族歧視 China opposes racism in all its manifestations.


中非友誼經歷風雨、牢不可破 China and Africa have forged impregnable friendship after going through hardships hand-in-hand.


中非關系怎么樣,中非合作好不好,非洲國家和非洲人民心里是有數的 As regards how the China-Africa relations and cooperation have fared, no one knows better than the African countries and people.


互相刺激、激化矛盾的舉動 provocative and aggravating behavior


中巴經濟走廊 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor


對威脅的應對 counteraction to threat from.



China’s position on...is consistent and clear-cut.


爭議區域 disputed area


提出嚴正交涉 lodge stern representations with...


恪守承諾 honor one’s commitment


尊重有關共識 abide by the relevant consensus


避免 avoid/refrain from doing...


使問題復雜化的舉動action that may complicate the...question


營造有利氛圍 create enabling conditions for..


上海合作組織 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)


美國國家情報總監 Director of US National Intelligence


外空間武器化 weaponization of outer space


你提到的具體情況我不了解 I am not aware of the specific situation mentioned by you.


國際海底地名分委員會 Sub-Committee On Undersea Feature Names



國內股市大跌 decline in the domestic stock market


在美國駐華使館微博上留言泄憤[doge] use the US Embassy’s Weibo account to vent


深感痛心 be deeply saddened


直言不諱 outspoken


文在寅 Moon Jae-in


.. Kim Jong-un


左翼聯盟 left-wing alliance


沒有法律約束力 be not legally binding


嚴重違反一個中國原則和中美三個聯合公報規定 gravely violate the on-China principle and the three China-US communiqués


中方一貫秉持綜合施策、標本兼治的反恐理念 China always upholds the anti-terrorism concept of taking a multi-pronged and holistic approach to address both the symptoms and root causes.


...海問題雙邊磋商機制 China-Philippines Bilateral Consultation Mechanism (BCM) on the South China Sea


取得豐碩成果 yield fruitful outcomes


屬于……國家內政 fall within...’s internal affairs


被關押/監禁 ...be behind the bars


有智慧、有能力妥善處理好當前面臨的問題 ...have/has the wisdom and capability to properly handle the current problem


朝鮮建軍節閱兵 DPRK’s military parade for the Army-Building Day


高度贊揚 highly commend...


中秘關系是中拉關系的縮影 China-Peru relations are China-Latin America relations in miniature.


挖掘互補潛力,推進務實合作 dig deeper into each other’s complementary strength and promote practical cooperation


《印度快報》 Indian Times


土地掠奪 land grab


這種說法完全是無稽之談 These allegations are absolutely nonsense.


通過聯合國途徑解決馬爾代夫問題 resolve the issues concerning the Maldives through the UN channel


密切關注 closely follow...


恢復正常秩序 resumption of normal order


聯合國斡旋 UN mediation



經濟手段 economic statecraft


高附加值產品 high value-added products


國際勞工組織 International Labor Organization (ILO)


拉美國家心里是有桿秤的 Latin American countries have a “steelyard” in their minds


重申 reiterate


南南合作 south-south cooperation (cooperation between developing countries)


一帶一路國際合作高峰論壇 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation


克里姆林宮報告 Kremlin report


動輒使用單邊制裁或以單邊制裁相威脅 the willful use or threat of use of unilateral sanctions


中俄關系成熟穩定,不受外部環境變化影響 China-Russia relations are mature and steady, immune to the volatile external landscape.


國情咨文 state of the union


核武器庫 nuclear arsenal


緩和勢頭 sign of abatement


核裁軍 nuclear disarmament


我們主張并積極倡導全面禁止和徹底銷毀核武器 We believe in and advocate complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons.


受援國 recipient country


中國國家測繪地理信息局 The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China


封存并銷毀 seal and scrap...


和平共處五項原則 five principles of peaceful co-existence


中央財經領導小組 Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs


中共中央政治局委員 member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee


共同維護邊境地區的和平與安寧 jointly uphold peace and tranquility in the border areas


處在國家發展和民族振興的關鍵階段 at the critical stage of national development and rejuvenation


堅定不移地 steadfastly


桑吉號油輪 oil tanker Sanchi


航行數據記錄儀 voyage data recorder


冒著巨大的生命危險和安全威脅 put their lives on the line and brave safety threats


這一結局是令人悲慟的 We are all sadden by this tragic ending.


大規模爆燃和毒氣擴散 large-scale deflagration and the toxic gas


中國交通部 The Transportation Ministry


國家海洋局 State Oceanic Administration


日本外務省 Japanese Foreign Ministry


嚴正立場 solemn position


制造事端 stir up troubles


四點原則共識 four-point principled position


存在異議 take exception to...


在這樣的背景下 against such backdrop


伊核問題全面協議 The Comprehensive Nuclear Deal


力圖…… in a bid to...


艱苦努力 strenuous efforts


石油污染帶 oil slick


次生災害 secondary disasters


不存在爭議 there is not the slightest dispute about...


行使主權權利,維護領土主權 exercise sovereignty rights and uphold territorial sovereignty


彈道導彈 ballistic missile


社會不安 social unrest


源于 be borne out of...


不附帶任何政治條件 with no political strings attached


竣工通車 be open to traffic


堅定的合作伙伴 staunch cooperation partner


援建項目 aid projects


在力所能及的范圍內to the best of one’s capability


人民幣匯率形成機制改革 reform on the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism


中國路橋公司 China Road and Bridge Corporation


聯合體/聯營企業 consortium


國際招標 international bidding


輪值主席 hold the rotating presidency of...


……邀請 at the invitation of...


智利共和國 Republic of Chile


烏拉圭東岸共和國 Oriental Republic of Uruguay


及時……/未延誤做…… waste no moment in doing...


合法性與代表性legality and representativeness


規劃藍圖 chart the course for...


空洞的言辭 empty words and void promises


歐亞經濟聯盟 Eurasian Economic Union


區域經濟一體化regional economic integration


科學考察船 scientific research vessel


搬出/弄掉灰塵,重新使用 dust off


聯合國軍 UN Command


及時 in a timely manner


做大合作蛋糕 enlarge the pie of cooperation


有利條件 enabling conditions


推進器和壓艙石 propeller and ballast


通過建設性方式處理好分歧 handle differences in a constructive manner


聯合國軍出兵國 UN Command sending states


溫哥華 Vancouver


半島無核化 denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula


雙軌并行思路 dual track approach


雙暫停倡議 suspension-for-suspension proposal


一味施壓和孤立的做法只會適得其反 Facts have proven that pressure and isolation alone is counterproductive.


冷戰思維 Cold War mentality


在國際社會制造分裂 drive a wedge among the international community


六方會談 Six-Party Talks


就任外長以來第13次訪非 mark the 13th visit he has so far made to Africa in the capacity of foreign minister


盧旺達、安哥拉、加蓬、圣多美和普林西比 Rwanda, Angola, Gabon, San Tome and Principe


拓展新合作領域 uncover new cooperation fronts


充實、具體化/落到實處 flesh out



the traditional friendship between China and Africa was cemented


增進彼此政治互信 political mutual trust was enhanced



mutually beneficial cooperation was strengthened


真實親誠 sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith


恐華癥” Sinophobia




obstruction of China telecom giant Huawei by the US government


互利的、雙向的 reciprocal and two-way


知識產權 intellectual property


強制性技術轉讓 forced technology transfer issue


政府干預  government meddling


國際海事組織 International Maritime Organization (IMO)


大家表示關心的 much-watched


朝鮮半島旗  “unified Korea” flag


共同組隊參賽 field a joint team for some matches



ROK’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-Wha


證明,作證/看到 bear witness to...



The current reprieve on the Korean Peninsula does not come by easily and deserves all the more to be cherished.


說明,表明 testify to...


必要的、友善的條件和環境 necessary and amicable conditions and environment


美國司法部 US Department of Justice


外國代理人登記法案 Foreign Agents Registration Act


司法部長 Attorney General


象牙禁令 China’s Ivory Ban


野生動物非法貿易偷獵行為 illegal trading and poaching of wildlife


狩獵紀念物 hunting trophies


《瀕危野生動植物國際貿易公約》 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora





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